Your Guide to Affordable Windshield Repair in Llano

When the windshield on your car or truck is cracked or chipped, it’s nerve-wracking. That thick piece of sturdy glass is the only thing between you and the open air—and when you’re traveling dozens of miles per hour in a heap of plastic and metal and glass—you want as much stuff between you and the open air as possible.

So it’s easy to feel as if you’re sitting on top of a ticking time bomb when your windshield has a giant crack from side to side.

Especially if that crack or chip was caused by flying debris hitting your windshield—without the windshield there, it likely would have hit you.

That’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

Can I Repair a Cracked Windshield With a DIY Windshield Repair Kit?

It’s got to be said that setting aside a chunk of your hard-earned paycheck for an unpleasant surprise like a broken windshield sucks. You may have a rainy-day fund for emergencies, but odds are you don’t earmark ten dollars per week for the ‘auto glass repair fund.’ So needing to shell out for a chipped or cracked windshield can feel like a mean joke.

And that’s why customers ask us—Pure Auto Glass, Llano’s windshield repair specialists—if the windshield repair kit you can find at the local hardware store is worth investing in. Pure Auto Glass’s rates are among the most affordable and competitive in the state, but the DIY kits may run a little cheaper. Of course, what the DIY kits don’t supply is the years of training and experience that the professionals get on the job.

The thing is, these kits might be okay for a chipped windshield. However, do you really have the experience dealing with auto glass to be able to tell the difference between a chip and a crack? A cracked windshield is a much more serious hazard. Chips are essentially cosmetic damage to the surface of the glass. And sometimes, what looks like a chip can be a crack just waiting to happen.

These DIY kits are not designed to handle anything other than the most negligible of scratches to your auto glass. Only a professional windshield repair technician can confidently assess and fix most auto glass problems. Throwing a band-aid over the problem—in this case, some adhesive—can have disastrous consequences when you’re back on the road. For the safety of your passengers and the other drivers on the road, play it safe.

The Best Windshield Repair Near Me

Pure Auto Glass is Llano’s only dedicated windshield repair specialists. Many auto repair shops in the area pride themselves on being all things to all people.

We don’t.

We do exactly one thing—auto glass repair and replacement—and we do that thing better than anyone else in Llano, day after day.

If you want to know whether or not we can repair a windshield chip or fix a crack, give us a call—or better yet, drop into the shop today!