Cracked Windshield? Call Llano’s Best Auto Glass Shop Today!

When the windshield of your car or truck cracks when you’re driving around Llano, you can’t afford to be complacent. Like every windshield itself, every cracked windshield is different. Did your screen crack due to blunt-force impact like a falling rock or the fall of a dead tree branch? Did it break cleanly, or did it shatter into millions of tiny fragments? At Pure Auto Glass, we do right by our clients: if the cost of repair is close to or the same as just replacing the window, we’re going to recommend you do that instead. That way, you get the benefit of a new warranty!

Your windshield is the only thing keeping you and your passengers safe from rocks and flying debris, and without the inspection of a certified auto glass technician, you can’t be sure that your crack is just a cosmetic issue rather than a dangerous structural vulnerability.

It isn’t just your vehicle that’s in danger when your windshield breaks. It’s your responsibility as a motorist to keep yourself safe, not only for you and your passengers—but for the other people you share the road with. That’s common sense, and the number-one reason to replace your windshield when it breaks.

Don’t rely on a cheap windshield repair kit you found at the local hardware store; that cheap adhesive isn’t a proper solution to the most widespread windshield issues. If your windshield is cracked, come in to Pure Auto Glass’s professional auto glass shop, conveniently located near Llano.

We’ll assess the damage quickly and thoroughly. If we’re able to repair the broken glass, we will. However, in most cases, a full windshield replacement is required. In that case, you’re in good hands: Pure Auto Glass is the top windshield replacement and repair company for Llano residents.

Auto Glass Replacement Cost

Depending on the cause of your broken windshield, it’s very likely that your insurance company will cover the cost of windshield replacement. The average price of windshield replacement for most clients is around the national average—$400—or better when you visit Pure Auto Glass. It all depends on your car’s make and model and whether or not the car’s hood and the frame have suffered damage as well.

Your Auto Glass Shop

We’ve managed to establish ourselves as the leader in windshield replacement in Llano through a straightforward approach: doing the job well and providing top-notch customer service. By always providing the best service and top-quality materials, we’ve been able to establish our excellent reputation in The Llano for any glass repair or replacement task.

We’re open five days a week after working hours to suit you better. If you have damage to your auto glass, give us a call or drop by at a time that’s convenient for you. We commit to providing our clients with speedy service at competitive prices.

If you read a bone, you’d go to a doctor. Likewise, if your windshield breaks, you should go to a glass doctor. Call Pure Auto Glass or drop in the shop today!